Introduction to Computer Science

  • Grade: 4th - 8th
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Software: Scratch by MIT
  • Duration: 3 Quarters. Each Quarter is 12 Weeks.

Course Description

ICS is the first course in the study of computer science for the students ages 10-14. This course introduces students to the foundational concepts of computer science in a structured manner. Students learn fundamentals of logic and problem solving by creating engaging animations and games. This course aspires to marry creativity and problem solving capabilities of students to produce future computational thinkers and creators of technology.

Course is taught using project based learning methodology. In this method students develop skills and gain knowledge by experimenting, by doing, by observing patterns and by collaborating with peers. Students also get opportunity to work on authentic, engaging, complex and challenging problems. Each lesson builds conceptual understanding in a concrete manner using in-class activities and discussions. Students gain further understanding of the concepts by experimenting and by applying these concepts to solve challenging problems. Some of the concepts taught in this course are: problem solving, algorithmic thinking, various logical structures and abstraction.

By the end of this course students will be able to create application, animations and games using Scratch IDE. Students will gain ability to express themselves using the computational creative thinking. Students will improve on problem solving, reasoning and abstract thinking. Students will be able to understand how software is made and how it works

Create Animation and Games

12 Weeks

This is 1st of the 3 quarters of ICS. During this quarter students learn fundamentals of computer science by making animations and games. In the process students start to develop valuable skill like conditional logic, problem solving, collaboration and abstract thinking.

Develop Logic and Abstraction

12 Weeks

During this quarter students further their understanding of computer science and problem solving by learning to break problem into smaller reusable chunks, writing parallel scripts and start working with events. During this quarter students work on many challenging and complex projects.

Apply Logic and Design Solutions

12 Weeks

This is the last quarter of ICS. During this quarter students get into advanced concepts of computer science like: strings and lists. Knowing all the constructs of computer science students progress to become independent problem solvers during this quarter.

What will students learn?

This course introduced students to algorithms, logic, conditionals and abstract thinking by creating simple animations and games.

Goal of this course is to:

  • Foster creativity
  • Entool students to become makers of technology
  • Build Confidence
  • Help make Computer Science a tool of expression for young children.
  • Learn what is computer science.

Skill Students Gain

  • Sequencing
  • Problem solving
  • Algorithming Thinking
  • Computational Thinking
  • Understanding and Application of Logical Structures: conditionals and repetitions


Sample of projects done in class by our students.