Summer Coding Camp

Computer science summer camp at Codeie is designed for students in grades 4th to 12th. Goal of this program is to excite young children about computer science and help them develop valuable logical reasoning and computational thinking skills. We offer various class based upon the grade level and current knowledge of the student.

Make Animations and Games

Students learn fundamentals of logic and problem solving by creating engaging animations and games

Skills: Sequencing / Coordinates / Conditionals / angles / problem solving / algorithms

Grades 3RD - 7TH 5-20-40 hours Register Here

Built and Program Robots

Students will build the complete robot and will program it to solve various tasks using the sesors installed.

Skills: Robotics / Coding / Sensors / problem solving conditionals / sequencing / variables

Grades 5TH - 7TH 20 hours Register Here

Android App Development

Students will design front end and will program logic for the components to make apps for the android phone

Skills: Events / layouts / coordinates / conditionals / designing / problem solbing / algorithms

Grades 5TH - 10TH 20 - 40 hours Register Here

Creatuve computing - Javascript

Students will develop understanding of the concepts of Math and Science by creating simulations and games

Skills: Drawing primitives . datatypes / variables / functions / frames / scenes / coordinates

Grades 5TH - 10TH 5-20-40 hours Register Here

Introduction to OOP - Java

This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of object oriented programming language: java

Skills: Binary / Eclipse IDE / Syntax of java / data types / variables / classes . logic statements

Grades 8TH - 12TH 20 - 40 hours Call to Register


We will be running small group classes for AP Computer Science A abd APCS-P college credit courses.

Skills: Please Call for more details.

Grades 9TH - 12TH Open hours Call to Register


900 Oaktree Ave, Suite 2B
South Plainfield, NJ 07080